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I am proud to announce a web site I am working on with my son. Practice Money Math Skills using coins in addition, subtraction, multiplication, division and math problems. Print math facts worksheets.
Money Math Time is a fun way to learn addition of coins and practice math facts.

There is another project we have been working on for the last year. A fun game that we play and build to sell. My 10 year old son has developed a game that he is selling online. I am very proud of what he has done. Mission: Flag Recovery is a fun hunt & seek scavenger hunt game. It includes the fun of caputre the flag and a scavenger hunt. You don't just sit around a board to win this game.

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As we focus on the work that is bearing fruit, we are moving away from this site and promoting other projects we are involved with. There are lots of web sites for parents, children, and families, as well as party and wedding planning help. Be sure to visit our other work and find something interesting.

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